Visual Novel Highlight: Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers

As promised, today I’m going talk about the direct sequel of the first Galaxy Angel game, which is Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers.

8186The 2nd game of the Galaxy Angel, Moonlit Lovers was also developed by BROCCOLI. It was release first for the PC in August 21, 2003. The game itself received a console port for the PS2 in February  26, 2004 and in this edition they’ve made Chitose also has her own story which she has not in the original PC game, but they’ve also released a patch for the PC. The game is still using the same gameplay and style as it’s predecessor, but the main difference with this sequel is the introduction of a new character, Karasuma Chitose the new and 6th member of the Galaxy Angel. You might remember her in the 4th Season of the anime series, as the sickly, vengeful and self-imagined ostracism of one of the members of the Twin Star Team. But she has a drastically different personality in the game, She’s a traditional, polite, and soft-spoken young woman. Chitose joined the military for two reasons; for her respect and admiration for both her father and the Galaxy Angel. Besides, the introduction of a new heroine they also introduced a new villain .


Moonlit Lovers, revolves around the battles with remnants of Eonia’s forces led by General Rezum and later a mysterious woman named Nephilia who claimed to be a member of a race called the Val-Fasq. A new member of the Angel-tai, Karasuma Chitose, is also introduced. (Wikipedia)

In Addition each heroine routes assumes that you ended up with that specific heroine, except for going to Chitose’s route, which assumes that whatever relationship with other girls never happened in the previous game.


Since there are no differences between this and the 1st one , I’m going to elaborate more on each of the Emblem Frames that the Galaxy Angel uses to fight their enemies.

GA-001_Lucky_StarGA-001 Lucky Star

Lucky Star is the personal Emblem Frame for Milfeulle Sakuraba. This Pink space fighter is an All-Purpose Fighter, which means it doesn’t have any glaring weakness or strengths. It’s ultimate attack is the Hyper Cannon, a beam cannon that can reach all to the end of the battle map.

GA-002 Kung-Fu FighterGA-002_Kung-fu_Fighter

The Kung-Fu fighter is Ranpha Franboise’s personal Emblem Frame. It’s designed as a Close combat fighter, equipped with Machine guns and has the fastest speed, but suffers from a weak armor. It has 2 Anchor Claws that can instantly destroy any kind of space ship.

GA-003_Trick_MasterGA-003 Trick Master

The personal Emblem Frame of Mint Blancmanche, The Trick Master is the central communication for every operation, equipped with powerful sensors it will let Mint analyze the battlefield, but is a rather slow speed. To compensate for that. it’s also equipped with Fliers, a satellite like weapons that Mint can control individually, much like the funnels in a Gundam series. It’s ultimate attack is the Flier Dance, which can cover a large radius of the target.

GA-004 Happy TriggerGA-004_Happy_Trigger

As it’s name implies, this Emblem Frame belonging to Forte Stollen has the most amount of weapons equipped to it. It’s basically the powerhouse of the Galaxy Angel, and it’s ultimate attack the Strike Burst, will use all it’s weapon on one target.

GA-005_HarvesterGA-005 Harvester

This green Emblem Frame with the highest defense capabilities is piloted by Vanilla H. Besides the highest defense it’s also the only Emblem frame that has repairing capabilities using Nano machines. It’s ultimate move is the Repair Wave, where it will repair every other Emblems no matter where they are. It’s only weakness is it’s lack of weaponry.

GA-006 SharpshooterGA-006_Sharp_Shooter

As Chitose Karasuma’s Emblem Frame, the Sharpshooter is designed to be a Long Range Sniper, having the furthest shooting range than any other Emblems. This works well with Chitose’s Archery skills. It’s ultimate attack Fatal Arrow can shoot multiple enemies from a very far distance. It’s weakness is that it’s most subpar when compared to other Emblems besides it’s range.


Why do I like this Visual Novel

This is most likely because it’s a direct continuation of the previous series. Not major time skips and we could continue to pursue the love story of each character. Because this is the 2nd series, the love story has developed more than being just “Started dating”, in exception for Chitose, most other characters shows more intimacy with Takuto, and the rest is just history. There’s also a English Fan Translation for this game. You can get it here.

022005053079108003Well with that I only need to highlight one more and final game of the series. Until then please try to play this game.



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