Winamp Skins: Jeanne D’Arc Fate Zero [ind9.1]

[indratama update] this is my last posting on cause after this, Im gonna go to another world. thanks to kazasou to accept me here for along time. thank you and sayounara everyone. ^_^v

The second skins base from my previous skins or I call it version 9. It come from annon7 and kazasou request. Please enjoy.

Jeanne D-Arc Fate Zero [ind9.1]

Skins Name: Jeanne D’Arc Fate Zero [ind9.1]

Type: Modern Winamp Skins

Features: Main Window, Equalizer , Playlist , Media Library, Video, Hide Character Button, Album Art, Music Sincronize Beat, and hiddenskins direct link.

File Size: 927 Kb


Note: Installation and usage of this skins can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!



5 responses to “Winamp Skins: Jeanne D’Arc Fate Zero [ind9.1]

  1. Well, this is sad. You have such talent and to walk away because of a harsh discussion just show how petty you are. Well, I thank you for your service and hope someday you can learn to listen to somebody’s opinion.

  2. So uhh, kinda sucks that hiddenskins is completely dead now. No wordpress, no facebook, no twitter, all links on here and tumblr are now dead.

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