Beat of The Day: Relapse by Blue Satellite & Jhameel (Cosmonaut Grechko Remix)

Now, this is what you call a chill music. This music is chill as fuck, my tea becomes ice tea (badumtss). A funny incident happen again at the laundry center. There was this man who is currently drying his clothes with the drying machine. He was using machine nr. 5 which is not hot at all. So I told him, “I think that machine is broken. It’s not hot at all”. So he began to touch the display glass and I was right. “scheisse” the man said. I was smiling and he said again “You know what, I can’t believe that I spent gas and money just to get a waste of time. And you think we are in Germany”. I smiled again and said “Come on, let’s go outside and smoke some weed”, and as I whipped out a weed I was carrying in my pocket.



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