Winamp Skins : Leafa – Alfeim Online

Yo kazasou ,I keep my promise to post in here . It’s been a while since I post winamp skin. Are you still remember me ? well, I though almost of you has been forget about me ,since me rare to post something lol Anyway, For this time I like to post Leafa from Alfeim Online .  To be honest I like this chara because her oppai is big. Yeah ,OPPAI is JUSTICE after all *CROOT  >///<* . Not like kazasou  or Indratama,I won’t take any request unless xxx condition (PM me in fb or whatever if you want know that condition ) .Last ,enjoy this skins .


Skin Name: Leafa Alfeim Online by Rico Subarishiki

File Size: 277  KB

Color Theme: Green

Features: Main Window, Equalizer Window, Playlist Window, Media Library, Notifier Preferences

Download :

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading


10 responses to “Winamp Skins : Leafa – Alfeim Online

      • I am picky… lol I am still using your Eucliwood theme. All your skins look good but I particularly like this one. I think the theme would be great for different characters with just a little editing and color changing. It is clean and well made. Now I do have a weird outline around the song title which may only be on my computer. I could send a screen shot if you want to know what I am talking about.

      • thank you for picky in my work lol
        yap ,since to be honest me deliberate design this type skins winamp to be my skins template lol
        no ,thanks. Solve that problems by yourself. That will be good experience for you .

    • thank you. that’s depend on how much you can pay me to make your request lol and unfortune ,you must a indonesian if you want request to me.

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