Game Review: Resident Evil 6

resident-evil-6-dcTime for me to put my two cents into this Playstation 3 game, Resident Evil 6. I have played this game and I’m cureently in the story of Jake and Sherry. So far, it’s not been a disappointing experience. My nerdgasm is fulfilled by the inclusion of Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong to the game and to be honest, I can’t wait to get my hands on Ada Wong. She is so mysterious and you probably perceived her as the anti-hero of this Resident Evil 6 game. Anyway, let’s elaborate how this game perform.

1. Story

The story of Resident Evil 6 comes in 4 different kind of flavours: Leon S. Kennedy Arc, Chris Redfield Arc, Jake Muller Arc, and Ada Wong Arc. All these stories will eventually merged with one another, giving you the feeling of “Ah, so that’s how it happens”. Also, there is some kind of subtle relationships between the characters such as Leon’s unresolved romantic relationship with Ada Wong or the gentleman with daddy issue which is Jake Muller. Ada Wong is brilliantly put as an anti-hero and that role fits her perfectly. I think that what this game looks very interesting. There are so much conflicts that spice u the story of the game.

2. Challenge

Playing Resident Evil 6 offers not much of a puzzle. The place is very straightforward with limited riddles to be solved. Probably, you will find yourself out of bullets while fighting a horde of zombies. I haven’t played the No Hope difficulty but probably that’s not a very wise idea. It still employ the same infinite slots of weapons so you can pick your weapon of choice ranging from guns, shotguns, rifle, sniper rifle, and grenade launcher. Zombies also dropped bullets if they were killed but it’s kinda logical since they are carrying weapons as well.

3. Controls

Resident Evil 6 has improved in terms of controls. You can quickly change weapons with the control of your joysticks and every character has his own weapon inventory theme (You’ll get what I mean if you played the game). Every character also have his sets of combo to kill zombies and he also have a unique combat characteristic. For Example, Sherry has a decent agility in her combo making her a swift brawler while Jake Muller has a power house combo to take down zombies easily.

4. Cinematography

Resident Evil 6 offers stunning graphic with a lot of action pack and bloody scenes. You will not get bored whenever you play the “Run for your life” stage. You will be kept engaged by the development of the story while in the same time, enjoy a gorgeous real-life animation.



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