Game Nostalgia: Team Buddies

I’m sorry for slacking a loy this month, I’m just not in the mood to do anything, not even play my newest games. So, once again I’ll be back talking about the olden games. Today, I’m going to talk about a wacky game called Team Buddies.

Team_Buddies_Cover_Art Team Buddies was developed by Psygnosis Camden Studio (now SCE Studio Soho), and was released for the Playstation by on September 18, 2000 by Midway Games.

Team Buddies is a wacky build your army type of game, where your main activity is build weapons to make your team stronger and more effective in the battle. In Team Buddies there is also a multiplayer for up to 4 players in splitscreen, and there are many modes for it.

There’s a slight difference between the EU release and the American release. In the EU release each team color will have a different kind of nation representing it, and the voices from each country are made as stereotypical as it can be. for example, If you choose the Blue Team, it will consist of British accents characters, Yellow is French and Red is Scottish. In the American release every team speaks with normal American language regardless of the color you choose for your team

During it’s initial Team Buddies wasn’t commercially successful, it was never popular to begin with and resulting in very limited production. But the game had it’s own cult following to spread out the word, and today do to it’s rarity one copy of the game go up over than $200, making it own of the most expensive and rare PlayStation games. Currently it hasn’t received any kind of new console port, making it much more rarer.


One fine and sunny day in the land that Buddies roam, there was a great and mighty disco in a tent. This tent would bob up and down with the music. All of a sudden, a large, flat, grey, flying THING blocked out the sun (The Great Eclipse) and began to drop crates. These crates were filled with all sorts of goodies such as Uzis and Bazookas. Inevitably, chaos broke out and the buddies became segregated according to color.

The Buddies continue to battle for supremacy across the world until they reach temples similar to Aztec designs in the jungle. It is revealed here that the mysterious craft in the sky was actually the world of the Baddies, which are similar to Buddies except for the fact that their bodies are cubes. The Baddies dropped crates in order to provoke conflict in the Buddies and then film the ensuing destruction for a popular TV show. Upon realising that the season finale of the show involves a giant laser destroying the entire Buddies’ world, they hijack a rocket to the Baddies’ lair and destroy both the laser and the leader of the Baddies, bringing peace and parties back again. (Wikipedia)



The basic gameplay is, as a Buddy you need to collect the blocks and stack them to create more Buddies and weapons to achieve your goal, which is usually destroy all things that move. Besides from the Story mode the multiplayer mode has 4 game modes. Deathmatch, ye olde kill them all mode. Domination, is where you need dominate areas to get more points to win. Capture, which is your normal capture the flag mode, and finally Bomball, which is a sport type of game, where you try to throw a bomb into the opponents goal to gain more points to win the match.

Overall Summary

Team Buddies is a wacky game that you can play with your friends, it has a good sense of humor and story mode can eat up a good few of gameplay hours. If you just want to spend some fun time with your friends, this is a good game to play. If you don’t have the money, just try using an emulator to play with it.



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