Poll Quiz: Should Randomness Thing Use AdFly?

adflylogo_1556749Hello guys, I came bringing a rather sad information. It has been known to me that since we have to accommodate our own download server from now on without the help of the generous OnimenoJ, I have to think of something that will pay the expenses of this website. One idea that comes to mind is to use adf.ly for the links. I know we have ads but unfortunately that is not enough to maintain the expense of the domain hosting, WordPress online file storage, and other website related expenses.

Now, I humbly asking for your opinion, would you mind me putting an adf.ly link to this blog? If you don’t know what it is, adf.ly is a service for getting money from per clicks that user clicks to the link. So instead of directly go to the download page, user has to go through an adf.ly ad for some seconds and then a Skip Ad button will appear which user can press to go to the download page.

But the important issue here is with you, the loyal readers. You all are important to me and the least thing that I want to do to you is making you repulsed by adding so much ads. If most of you feel that this will be annoying, then I will have to find another way to earn for the website. Again, sorry for the inconvenience that I have caused.


13 responses to “Poll Quiz: Should Randomness Thing Use AdFly?

    • Is it really annoying? I mean I haven’t personally have a problem with seeing a 2 seconds ad and skip it. But yeah, let’s if most people think of it that way than I have to search for alternatives.

      • It is annoying if you visit the website repeatedly.
        But IMO, you guys are giving us free stuffs, we shouldn’t have any reasons to complain.

      • But I don’t want you guys to hate this site just because of the ads. I personally also hate ads that’s why I consult with you guys here. Because this is not my website/ blog, this is everybody’s sharing spot, so everybody has to feel at home.

  1. I’m not expert in web ads but as long it doesn’t show anything obscene i don’t mind.

    I remember trying to download an anime from a website and they had something like that but with “obscene ads” while waiting the countdown to expire.

    The countdown itself is not annoying, i don’t mind waiting 5 seconds to if that’s mean supporting the site.

    • Hmm, I’m not sure myself about the content of the ad. I will check if we can control what ad we want to show just like what WordAds did. I guess we will go with a trial period and if most of you disagree about the content then I will scrape the ad.

      • Honestly, Adf.ly isn’t that great if people have some sort of ad blocker or disabled cookies/whatnot (as you get nothing from it). But If you get about a few thousand clicks, I think it should be pretty decent for small change. As for Adf.ly’s content, I don’t think it really shows anything obscene, its more of ads that look viral rather than obscene. You cannot control the Ad content, to my knowledge.

  2. Oh I forgot to mention, the following items will not get an adf.ly link: Youtube video, wallpapers, site links, and Firefox Persona. Different authors still have the freedom to choose to use their own adf.ly or not. I will use it only for new Rainmeter skins, Chrome skins, and Winamp skins links. I don’t know about the old ones since I’m pretty lazy ;)

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