Film Review: Undisputed I, II, & III

UndisputedIIposterIt’s rather rare for me to give out a film review about three moview but I guess the first movie is so awesome which remains awesome on its sequels. I just watched three films of Undisputed last night and boy, that is the most manliest film with of course a little bit of cute scene just to make your day a little bit better. I really recommend watching this film after you watched some pussy-ass film that your girlfriend ask you to watch with such as Twilight. You just have to rinse that pain off and firm your sexuality again by watching this film.

Now, just like my previous reviews, spoilers warning to you who don’t want any leak about this film. I’ll just say if you love Crows;Zero or any fighting kind of film, then Undisputed should be the film that is in your list to watch. For the rest of you, continue on reading.

Undisputed is a film about the story of prison fighters that wants to make it to the top. What’s brilliant about this film is that the villain in this film will encounter a humbling experience against their opponent to be later be the main protagonist of the sequel. For example, in Undisputed, George “Iceman” Chambers is a bigshot heavyweight boxing champion who got jailed because of convicted rape. He is such an arrogant dude to be later defeated by Monroe Hutchens (Oops, there goes the spoiler) to ruin his perfect 68-0 win.

Now, after that in Undisputed II, George Chambers becomes the main protagonist which was wrongly accussed of smuggling drugs when he take a trip to Russia. In Undisputed II, George Chambers is nothing but arrogant. Yeah sure, his head is still hot but at least the fight that he picks usually because of trying to save someone.

Now about the action content of this film. This film is packed with lots of fight scene. It’s the prison, so what were you expecting? Plus, there is also illegal tournament in there which makes it more interesting. People who love watching other people trading blows, you are in for a great movie watching experience.

However, there is a little hint of sweetness in this movie. Remember that this movie’s main story is about an arrogant ass getting a humbling experience? Well, to every film of Undisputed there is a certain level of sincerity and sportmanship. You can see friendship or mentorship playing in the role of the characters. You can say watching Undisputed is like watching a journey of a fighter becoming great and kind at the same time.



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