No Pain, No Game AMV

Here is a great Sword Art Online AMV (Or MAD since it’s authored by Japanese). To be honest, I haven’t watch this anime yet. It’s just that my mentality is repulsed by mainstream anime or anime that is blown out of proportion. I remembered people were cosplaying Kirito and spoiling screenshots everyday without everthinking the feeling of people who haven’t watched it. So, I’m watching Jojo Bizarre Adventure instead.



2 responses to “No Pain, No Game AMV

  1. I’m a big fan of the novel of SAO. It was enough to make me stop and drop Hunger Games permanently and distracted me from my exams.

    The Anime though, I’m somewhat disappointed with several elements of it, and the best I can describe it is that the anime lost some of the ‘magic’ the novel had. But being a novel reader, my view maybe biased in that sense.

    But overall it is a decent series that stands up on its own. I can’t say it is the best series of 2012, but it certainly is up there with the top pack. Do give it a test run.

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