Lion Air Stolen by Malaysia – Indonesia Loses Dominance in The Air

12976714711631951785For those who doesn’t know, Indonesia and Malaysia are notorius for their bad blood. It all begins with a commercial that portrays one of the traditional dance from Indonesia for Visit Malaysia. From there, media jumped in to incite more hatred by throwing off some bias news stating that Malaysia is in the verge of claiming Indonesian food and other dance. If you are interested on such article you can click on one of these links:

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. There is a new development about Indonesian Airlines company. Lion Air has officially pulled off its investment on Indonesia to build a hub in Manado to create a flight connection to Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. This decision was made after Lion Air spent more than 7  billion rupiahs or 700,000 dollars buying the land for its business. Not only that, after that expensive expenditure, the Airlines Management Company (Perum Angkasa Pura I) also demands a share of 51% which to me is fucking greedy since after all Lion Air has already exhausted 700,000 dollars for a freaking 2,5 hectare of land.

Then, comes along Malaysia smelling some sweet deal. Malaysia jumped in and offer Lion Air to move its hub to Johor Bahru with a rent of only 3600 dollars per months and promises Lion Air that the land will be 100% Lion Air’s control in 10 years. Well, it was a no-brainer offer so in the end, Lion Air chose to accept the offer.

You know what this means right? Indonesia loses its dominance in the air which is the recipe of Airlines company will slowly shutting down due to a lost of competition in International flight. After AirAsia is no longer based in Indonesia, losing Lion Air adds salt to the wound. If you asked me who’s to blame, I would say it’s Indonesian fault for treating our investors like garbage. Just like our culture, we too treating it like garbage so no wonder Malaysia tries to claim it. And to have the audacity to still angry at Malaysia is what an 8-year-old boy would behave.

In the end, we should look to ourselves whenever something bad happen because it might be the case that we, ourselves, are the reason that bad thing happen.

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6 responses to “Lion Air Stolen by Malaysia – Indonesia Loses Dominance in The Air

  1. Both your and our governments (Malaysian Government) are equally corrupt though. 3600 dollars per month? I smell something fishy, especially that election is coming to Malaysia.

  2. I’m Malaysian (well don’t ban me, I’m following this site since racial ;-) ), but what you said it true..i dont know who’s to blame, either malaysia who ‘stole’ it or indonesia who ‘threw’ it..your people not treat your belonging like it should be, and when we tried to collect/save your scrap, your people getting angry out of blue…i really dont understand this kind of love-hate circle..

    • Hey, who said I’m banning Malaysians? I’m not banning anybody excepts spammers, khekhe. In my opinion, it’s Indonesian fault since the government was extremely greedy. And thank you for being such a loyal reader. Much appreciated!

  3. holyshit im a malaysian. rofl. oh well. we got lion flying in the skiess~LOLOL. *pleasedontbanme*

    in my opinion, i have no idea. just interested in flying LIONNN…RAWR..

  4. @Belson0425

    seriously bro? go learn some FKING history. for god sake something fishy? malaysia has been prospering through that way since our MERDEKA. but you young people never learn about it for god sake. never wanted to appreciate what you have and urge for REVOLUTION? you are just being blinded with money trust me.

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