Film Review: The Blind Side

the-blind-side-the-blind-side-9351730-1280-1024Monday is coming up and if you are trying to get your inspiration out on this dreaded day, may I suggest you to watch this inspiring movie. The Blind Side is a true story about a young African-American who got adopted to a wealthy southern white family and became one of the greatest Offensive Tackle in the NFL league.

Growing up in a hard conditioned environment, Michael Oher changes schools about 9 times in the past 11 years. Michael Oher lives in an impoverished neighbourhood full of violence and crime. His life changes when he went to the Briarcrest Christian School.

If you are a rugby fan or maybe just a person who happens to love inspiring story like I do, The Blind Side offers no ending moments of human kindness. This type of film is the kind of film that will cry your eyes out, even me which I thought I would be tough enough to handle this kind of film.

Believe me when I say that this film will restore your faith in humanity. This film is the very definition of beating the odds.



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