A Letter of Gratitude

920882_10200448945360292_1425332404_oSo if you follow me on Facebook, my bag that was formerly got lost on the train to Frankfurt has been found on Wednesday. In this momentum, I would like to thank the Frankfurt’s Lost and Found office to be able to retrieve back my bag. I also thank the people who may saw my bag and decided not to take it or decided to take it and give it to the Lost and Found office. It’s this kind of behaviour that strengthens my faith in humanity because as you know, I come from a country that once you lost your property, you might not be able to get it back forever. I remembered when I was little, I parked my bike in front of the garage and went to my house for 5 minutes to find that my bike got stolen in my own freaking house.

So, to be able to see my bag again after I stupidly lost it is a very amazing experience. And not only that, all the items are intact and none of them got lost. It makes my amazement of Germany even more bigger after this event. And to be honest, I have also had a lost property experience. My handphone has been lost for about 3 times and thankfully, they were found by generous people who are willing to give it back to me.

Last but not least, I haven’t forgotten to thank you to all of you guys who have been very supportive about this. I was seriously sad on that day and all I can do was staring emptily as I rode back to Saarbruecken and cancel my trip to Hamburg. There’s also a suggestion from one of you to donate which is a quite generous suggestion and I don’t know if you guys were serious or just having a laugh, but I sincerely thank you for just having the thought to donate.

Anyway, I’m in Hamburg now at my sister’s apartement and I will resume creating skins again. Thank you guys, as always.


6 responses to “A Letter of Gratitude

  1. Good for you, if it was in the neighbor Poland… well at best u’d get just the bag without it’s content… at best. Some time ago one of my family members was traveling via bus and the trunk opened up which resulted in people’s luggage scattering over the highway. The bus stopped people run off to pick up whats theirs, some stuff end up under trucks tires unfortunately… but the best part was when a bunch of teens stopped, run off, picked up one of the bags and drove away.. pretty much stealing stuff right in front of the owner, before she could reach it.

      • Yea hehe, well it’s not like you see that every day here though. But i guess most people learned to be a bit more cautious. The bus accident happened to my mom but she was lucky enough that her bag didn’t fell out, think the victim was an old lady and lost mostly medicine etc… I luckily myself wasn’t robbed yet so far in my life, although when was in my school days been a few times when some shady guys/ group of teens tried their luck… My grandma though had an experience with some guys following her after she left the bank and somewhere on the road she fell victim of professional pick-pocketing which resulted in a loss of around 700$.

  2. Very good to hear about your good news, man. My faith in humanity is restored.
    I don’t use rainmeter as often as I do back then, but it’s always a pleasure to come here.

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