Anime Review: The Garden of Words

8550036241_abc4f02f27_oOn my way home to Saarbruecken today, I watched a wonderful masterpiece of Makoto Shinkai entitled The Garden of Words. It’s been well known that Makoto Shinkai always produce such sweet and mature love story and he seems to know how to grab attention of your soft spot. The Garden of Words is a great example of how Makoto Shinkai’s work can make you smile a little bit and stimulate your heart a little bit faster.

The story of this particular anime is a classic boy meets girl theme. Takao, who is a high school student, is a student who seems a little bit detached from his world. He is more interested in honing his interest in making handmade shoes. Often, he skips school to go to the park to design his shoes. There, he met a girl, who apparently is skipping her work. From there, the spiral of romance starts to unravel, both of them seems to unconciously wishing tomorrow will be raining so they will have an excuse to skip their world and could meet each other at the park.

Guys, I would really love to give you the story but that would be unjust for me to spoil such a sweet anime. You have to experience the hardship of the characters by yourself and decide for yourself if your heart has been touched by this anime or not. For me, this anime really made my heart thumping as I cheered for the characters. I got a lot of mixed feeling either the sadness of overcoming the obstacles in their romance or the happiness that this two are really meant for each other.

Also, the animation is pretty much amazing. The quality you can expect from a Makoto Shinkai’s production. To sum it up, I enjoy every second I spent watching this simple yet amazingly written anime.



5 responses to “Anime Review: The Garden of Words

  1. haven’t watched makoto shinkai’s since 5cm per second. maybe i’ll put this movie on my on hold list too, since my current mental state can’t handle it (got a spoiler from friend)

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