Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin last, my verdict is finally here after 12 episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin. And after 12 weeks of anticipating what will the story be unravelled in this epicly popular anime, my verdict for this anime is: BORING. As always people, this review is based on the episodes I watched from 1-12. So if you haven’t watch some or all of the episodes I mention, you might want to stay away from this review if you hate spoiler

Now, before you all start raging on my opinion, what I meant by this anime being boring is not based on the story plot that this anime offer. I’m actually intrigued by the concept of humans versus Titans although I was hoping for a pure fight, not some boy that could turn into a Titan. I was hoping that humans would eventually exploit the Titans’ weaknesses on their own. However, the concept of a human who can tranform into titan is still acceptable since I still get a heavy amount of action of humans busting off Titans’ ass.

So, what do I meant by boring? What I meant was, if you decided to watch this anime, you will be in for a slow-paced story development. The story development is so slow that it’s almost a torture watching how the story is being unraveled. Take episode 10, 11 and episode 12 for example. Basically, you can sum up the episodes into this: Unnecessary arguments, big speech, Mikasa doing insane stuff, Armin panicking and surprised, and more big speech. But what makes the slow-paced story development reaches its peak is when you watch episode 12. Half of the episode is filled with unnecessary arguments between Mikasa and other Recon members whether to leave Eren Jaeger or not. The other half of the episode then shows Armin running to Eren rescue, Armin talking to Eren in his Titan form. After that, Eren got full control of the Titan which lead to the end of the 12th episode.

You know how I felt? How could you manage an episode that is literally just waiting Eren to woke up without any story development being developed? I’m enraged to have to wait for a week for the new episode. And they really have to cut down the recap, I mean 2 minutes for a recap? Plus an opening? With that slow-paced story development, you will even have shorter time to enjoy the anime. And also, I had enough with the cowards that get long screen time that they supposed to. I mean come on, I thought they were train as a soldier, but their mentality is just as weak as the civilians.

So, what’s your opinion regarding this anime? Do you think the slow-paced story development does not bother you? Well, I’m thinking of holding off this anime until more episodes come out. Because by the look at it, I don’t want to spend my week gloating about what will happen next.



10 responses to “Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin

  1. I don’t generally mind slow-paced anime, but the problem with it in Shingeki no Kyojin is that I primarily see it as an action series. And the action sequences do really shine here – I think they’re a particular strong point of the show – but there’s just not enough of them, or else they’re mostly short-lived (or both). I don’t dislike the series, but to me it’s just not living up to the hype. (Although I must admit, that OP is indeed epic. If the whole show was like that, then I’d definitely be hooked.)

  2. I fully agreed with you. Those 12ty series was only about how they kill or they were killed. I don’t read maga but i think there is also cut to much.

  3. I’ve read the manga and can say that if they did that 12th episode any differently it would have been rushed and people would have then complained that it cut out parts from the manga…. I didn’t see anything wrong with those episodes, even when i knew what was going to happen. I say keep with the anime because what is to come is absolutely worth the wait :D

  4. the last few episodes where kinda slow, but I really did not mind it. after ep 12 I was so curios that I started to read the manga. If you find it to slow now, then drop it. It’s going to be slower.

    Still I think the anime is pretty epic, I like the drawing style and the story. I have watch so many series that where slower then this so I really don’t mind it.

    But I do agree that that a human that goes Titan is not what I expected I wanted to see them fight with only those weapons. The way of that fighting looked brutal.

    • I don’t mind slow-paced story when it fits the story such as 5cm per second or Garden of Words. But imagine you are going to see the most potentially epic battle sequence and for 3 episodes, we are offered so many unnecessary arguments between soldiers or cowardly soldiers that make a scene that’s a bit too much. I mean I understand how grim the situation is but do they have to appear every 1-2 minutes saying “My friends died in vain. I shouldn’t have fight”? I mean come on, how are they even in the squads if all they bring is burden. You don’t have to cut the important plot such as Armin scene when trying to wake Eren up, but they should cut the unnecessary coward soldiers. We know that the situation is bad, we don’t need to be reminded over and over again.

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  6. i agree with you. this anime is awesome ( in story line and also characters development ) but it’s a bit too slow and eren is just so childish ( in my opinion ).

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