Doujin Game: Maihana Ao Makyou ~ Uniting Barrage Action

Maihana Ao MakyouIntroducing a very exciting Touhou based horizontal SHMUPS game entitled Maihana Ao Makyou ~ Uniting Barrage Action. This game still employs the same bullet hell madness but with the exception of it being in a horizontal line and more awesome graphics and seiyuu. You can choose between two characters, Hakurei Reimu and Marisa Kirisame.

During the character selection, you can choose what type of weapon you will be developing. There are three types of weapon: straight, spread, and homing to accommodate the player in tackling the stage. There are also 3 difficulties to choose from: easy, medium, and hard.

Now for the control part. If you are using the default controller, Space would be the start button. Z will make your character shoots to the right, C will make your character shoots to the left, X will make your character unleash a special attack and it depends on who you choose as the character. Finally, V is to activate kekkai or barrier that is available once your barrier meter is full. One thing about kekkai besides protecting you from bullets and enemy is that special enemies or bosses has a break chance state after you barrage them with your bullets. Once that notice has come up, activate your kekkai and run or fly towards the enemy for a chance of special item.

Too bad that I can’t find an English Patch for this game, but the menu is written half in English for the essential stuff so you won’t get lost. As for the story, I guess you have to learn a little bit of Japanese :)




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    • That’s strange. There, I added the download link for you. It’s under the video. Sorry about the weird thing that is happening here.

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