Jinzou Enemy by Hatsune Miku PV

One of my favourite Vocaloid PV that I enjoy watching over and over again. Jinzou Enemy is a song that entails of a Hikikomori boy named Shintaro who spends his life in front of the computer. Ene, Shintaro’s virtual intelligent system in the form of a girl, takes the perspective as she offers him rather to waste time doing repetitive daily activities to live in her world. Shintaro, however, rejects her and tells her that he got bored of her :(



One response to “Jinzou Enemy by Hatsune Miku PV

  1. This is part of the Kagerou Project’s songs made by Jin
    The Vocaloid singing it is supposed to be the vocaloid IA (they named it ‘IA Project’ too I’m not wrong), although there are some songs which include Miku’s voice too, dueting with IA.

    Try watching Ayano no Koufuku Riron with the English Subs

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