Game Nostalgia: Biker Mice From Mars

billede2Usually Kaimax writes this stuff but I would like to chip in some of the old games I enjoyed playing during my childhood time. Biker Mice From Mars is a Super Nintendo game featuring the hybrid genre of racing and killing your competitor. It’s kinda like Twisted Metal but more to the racing although I enjoy running over the other racers. I remember playing this game at Kaimax’s house when we live in the same street complex and it was fun as hell especially when we tried to kill each other in the battle race mode. Aaah, I remember I got into a fight with him when he kill me since it’s been a record that Kaimax is a better game player than me.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic.  The game has two modes: Main Race and Battle Race. Battle Race restrict the racers to be dead in an entire lap if the racer loses his health to zero (You usually start with 3 health slots). If you died the earliest in a lap than you will be considered the last place of the race. Also, in the battle race, the prize money of gaining the first place is little in compare to killing a racer. Main race, however, offer bigger price money for gaining the top spot and more rounds if you are qualified which means you are in the top 3 of the round. Also, in the main race, if you died, you will be respawn again after a couple of seconds. I usually use this opportunity to stay in the corner and run over as many racers that pass through to get bigger prize money.

You will have an option to select 6 racers: Throttle, Modo, Vinnie, Grease Pit, Limburger, and Karbunkle. Each racer has its unique traits and weapons to kill or slow down other racers. For example, I like to play using Modo since his Bionic Crash is very effective against multiple enemy (and I love his kill quote “Gotcha” everytime he kills a racer). Not only that, the game offers parts upgrade that you can buy to accomodate your next race. There are 4 parts that you can upgrade: Engine, Tire, Armor, and Weapon. You can freely upgrade whichever part you want for an amount of money.

I started to play Biker Mice From Mice again this weeks, and boy, it is fun as hell. Modo is still a bad ass in my opinion and I think there is also a cartoon of Biker Mice but I didn’t pay much attention about it.



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