Hatsune Miku Cursor Pack (Repackaged Version)

Celebrating the joyous event of Hatsune Miku’s birthday today (which I just noticed from Sylph-chan post), I decided to remake this cursor pack again. You guys have been berating me about it and sadly, this file got deleted from MediaFire (Damn you, MediaFire!). So, I decided to go for a limb and make this cursor all over again. You can download this skin on the new uploaded file here. Enjoy!

Cursor Name: Hatsune

File Size: 115 KB

Download: https://files.secureserver.net/0s2aP6JzP0t5AW

Note: You have to install CursorXP to use this cursor which can be obtained in http://www.ziddu.com/download/3500185/cursorxp_free.exe.html. Alternatively, you can use CursorFX to use this cursor which can be obtained in http://download.cnet.com/CursorFX/3000-2317_4-10070056.html. After you have installed the program, just double-click on the Hatsune.CurXPTheme and your cursor will changed to the new cursor. Happy downloading!



50 responses to “Hatsune Miku Cursor Pack (Repackaged Version)

  1. Thanks a lot, man. I really appreciate this, and you did a fantastic job with it too. I see you also nabbed a pair of other images than the one I sent you. Nice touch and great work as always. You should think about making more cursor packs though as a regular addition, you do a fantastic job.

    • Wow. I didn’t realize just how big 96×96 was until i equipped it. Looks better as a cursor than as a preview image. I can now say that you a truly great job on this.

      It only took me maybe 5 minutes to get the Stardock cursor program installed and working, by the way. Works great.

      And again, thank you.

  2. Are you have the plain cursor? without CursorXP or CursorFX? because the cursor disappear when in thumbnail taksbar in windows 7 and some program (especially in game).

  3. cool!!! cursors i have a resquest (you dont have to do it but it would be much thanked ^^ ) could you make some cursors of Vocaloid KAITO he is my fave


  4. Thankyou very much for this. ^^ It looks so cute, and I’m making a Vocaloid Windows 7 Themepack right now so this will fit in great. :3 (For the sake of simplicity i’ll be using the smaller ones, but if they don’t look too good I’ll try the bigger version.) Once I’m finished with the Themepack I’ll post a download link. ^^
    Have a nice day!

  5. I was wondering how this pack kinda works. The normal cursor(not busy and etc) works fine and Miku shows up, but I was wondering how to get the rest working for example, when a page decides to not respond, it might show one of the images you used in this pack. Like, the link clicker and what not, it’s a banana for mine.

    • Oh and, I know that the leeks are the…things that can shrink or enlarge a window, but I dunno what the other 3 Miku icons do or what they are.

  6. HI, Uhm.. why when I go to draw it disappears when I use my Tablet is there something I need to do? other than that Thanks <3

  7. do u have a smaller version? i tried the one u made for @Akiyajyin but it says the link expired. :o it’s so cute and i’d like to use this for my netbook. thanks a lot!~

  8. dear uploader I suggest that you should upload to 4shared cuz many people got problems with the bad links and I hope the 4shared won’t easily deleted files like mediafire T T

  9. Thank you so much Kazasou , now I could bring back my vocaloid ol’ pc to my life (after it broke and had to format e’vrythng here) , thank you so much for upload this cursor pack again !!!

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