Anime Review: Watamote

Watamote-OP1-Large-01It’s already the 9th episode that I’ve watched this show so far. Watamote is a story about the most unpopular high school girl trying to enjoy her high school days just like most of the popular girls. Now, this review has a mild spoiler and probably the things that I will be discussing does not have a significant impact on the enjoyment of watching this anime. It’s not like this anime has an intensive plot anyway. So with that being said, let’s start with the review!

Watamote has a story about a high school girl named Tomoko Kuroki. She doesn’t have the looks, she’s small, even her tits are non-existence. She is practically an otaku who constantly enjoy playing Yaoi eroge. She has a very painful experience during her middle school years and is determine to change all of that.

However, words are easy to be said. In fact, her fate doesn’t change when she is accepted as a high school student. She has trouble speaking with the guys and she just can’t seem to mingle with other friends. She then tries to imitate what other popular high school girls do in their life just to end up in vain or embarrasment.

Now, you might say that Watamote is a light-comedy-your-typical-high-school-life anime but to me this anime has an element of sadness in it. If you think over again the past episodes you watched, every episode there is a scene of Kuroki gazed upon the emptiness which is her life. Her life screams loneliness of wanting to have the confidence that everybody else has. This of course makes her the saddest anime character that I have ever watch. I mean whenever she fails on her attempt on becoming popular, she will ironically say, “That’s stupid anyway”. She will go to her in denial state to ensure that there is still hope for her to change.

You might now say I’m being to complicated or thinking to much about this anime but you can’t deny that there is a scene where Kuroki seems to be tired of her life. Her eyes when she gazes emptily is probably one of the hardest enduring scenes that I can bear watching. Despite this of course, I think it’s a very enjoyable and hilarious anime just until the end scene which is a little bit unbearable for me to watch. Do you guys experience the same feeling as I am when watching this anime?



3 responses to “Anime Review: Watamote

  1. Well yes, Watamote is sad but It’s also funny at same time: I couldn’t stop laughing when Tomoko was singing Yui’s Un-tan-tan from K-on and when she found the Ocarina in her old stuff xD. But still, I have to admit that the last episode was heartbreaking …

    • I have no objection of it being funny. I think this anime is hilarious. It’s just that she always have that lonely look at the end. Even she had a good term with her little brother in the past which twice being brought up and I think she yearns for it eventhough she is not that honest about it.

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