Rest in Peace: Hiroshi Yamauchi

181433373KT00002_FILE_FormeA tip of my hat for you, dear sir. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former third president of Nintendo has passed away due to pneumonia today at the age of 85. He took charge of Nintendo during 1949-2002 and his visionary has put the gaming industry into a brand new level. Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Starfox are some of the achievements that are available for us to enjoy. Let’s also not forget that the birth of Famicom, Super Famicom, and Gameboy are also what shaped the gaming industry as of today. An inspiration you might say is nothing but a perfect word for Nintendo and Hiroshi Yamauchi has helped us to realized that it’s not the technician that shaped the game but the artists.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for making my childhood a very exciting one. I remembered how I spent the entire night trying to beat Super Mario Bros; I remembered how hard it is to beat Toguro Otouto in Yu Yu Hakusho Tokubetsu Hen just to find out that password to open all characters are B, A, B, Y, B, A, B, Y; I remembered fighting with my friends over a Biker Mice Race; I remembered how cool it is playing Donkey Kong with semi 3D graphic. Nintendo will be a part of my childhood that I will not ever forget so I thank you, Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi for making Nintendo as it is today. *Queue Super Mario Bros. Game Over Theme Song*



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