Game Nostalgia: Sunset Riders

418382-sunset1Maybe you guys can call yourself a Contra kid when you are little. But with me, I’m more of a Sunset Riders kid. This game has the same concept as of Contra which is a shoot ’em up excepts that there are no weapon changing upgrades. Instead, the character you are choosing will have different weapon type. You can select between Billy, Steve, Bob, and Cormano each have different type of weapon. I personally love playing using Cormano since his gun is spread type. Sunset Riders is a rather fast paced shoot ’em up game and you will encounter hordes of enemies at the same time so a little bit of stage memory will help a lot in playing this game. During your cruise along the stage, there are power ups available which will strengthen your gun and change your gun into a dual wielded one.

Graphically speaking, this game has a very cool graphic. It looks cartoon-ish and set in the wild west. You are the cowboy saving pretty ladies and your town from bandits. Explosion are very well made and you get the sense of a very hectic game with bullets flying by, dynamite explosion, and bulls charging at you.

The game is never boring. There are the horse riding stages where you will ride a horse (Duh!) and fend the enemies off. You have the first person view bonus round to shoot the enemies that appears on the screen. And also, the arcade version has the capability to play with 4 players which makes this hectic game even more hectic. I remember playing this game in Super Nintendo at Kaimax’s house. Good memory playing this game.



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