Humanity Restored: Japanese Businessman in Kamen Rider Costume Helps Children in Thailand

Z20131003TTAPT01320G3000000I really love it when I read this kind of news, you know? With all the chaos and war happening in most part of the world, this news just give you another hope in humanity and how humans should be compassionate to one another. Akihiro Tomikawa, a 44-year old Japanese businessman while wearing a Kamen Rider No.1 costume and riding the signature bike, Cyclone, distributes toys to the underprivileged children in Bangkok.

In my mind, a superhero doesn’t have to fight bad guys. He could equally as well helping others just to draw smiles on others. I think that’s the best vigilante justice you could make an effort to. So, thank you so much, Akihiro Tomikawa. You make those children smile as well as mine. Keep up your good work and always be proud of helping others in need. You are probably the best Kamen Rider that people call hero of Justice.

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