Film Review: The Purge

purge_ver2_xlg__spanJust watched a spectacular film called The Purge. Have you guys heard of this film? This film sets in the United States of America which has been reborn into a new nation. Crime rate is at 1% low and it is all because of a government program called “The Purge”. The Purge is a special program where all emergency services such as the police, medics, and all other army forces are suspended, leaving the country into a total lack of security. Rich people are held hostage as they have to defend for themselves. Oh, did I mention that weapon Class IV or lower is permitted to be used? That’s right, you can carry and use an assault rifle to kill people.

The Purge lasted for 12 hours from 07:00 P.M. until 07:00 A.M. on the following day. There will be no law apply except that the government has given immunity to the highest general and army staff. Well, it’s to be expected that the government will not play their own law. Such typical hypocrite, the government is. Now, the messed up part is where you have such thing as “The Purge” you’ll have your typical overzealous The Purge enthusiast.

The Purge as many analysts said is another effective way to boost the economy in the United States. Since people in the high crime rate area tends to be at the place where poverty flourished, many poor people are being killed during The Purge which is another benefit for the government since you are throwing out your unwanted and the non-contributors to the society. It’s messed up, I know.

However, you can’t just say no to the program because it fucking works. Crime rate has lowered to a 1% because of The Purge which quite logical in my opinion. By logical, I didn’t say that it’s a moral thing to do. It’s just that if you have a program where people are allowed to kill other people since there will be no police who will put the bad guys to the slammer, you’ll treat other people nicely for the remainder of the time. You don’t want to piss your neighbour off since you don’t want to risk getting them angry and use the opportunity to get back to you ten folds.

But if you ask me whether it is moral to do such program, I have to say I disagree. It’s not a moral program because I believe feeling of safety is my right as a human. I have the right to live and this program just blatantly ignores the cruelty of the humankind. I believe killing other mankind is wrong and no matter if this program works that’s just flat out holding hostage of the citizens. This program makes the government the terrorist.



6 responses to “Film Review: The Purge

  1. Sup, been awhile. The movie was alright, Ethan Hawke was…ugh, y’know, Ethan Hawke. The premise was good, but the movie was boring and predictable. I think they could’ve made things more interesting with the idea, I mean what scientists are getting together to binge on illegal research or what could possibly be going on in prisons or who the hell has to handle all this insurance paper-work :3 !? Im just sayin, they could’ve done more. I did, however, enjoy the undertones in the movie, like that the real reason the purge worked for the economy is that the ‘poor’ would get picked off because they can’t afford whats necessary.

    I am going to have to disagree with your logic of an actual purge. In theory it would help, but if there was such a day in a nation, USA for arguments sake, it would leave the country wide open for an attack from its enemies and an invasion might even ensue as well; even though the highest order is still immune, civil chaos would still be present all across the country which makes us vulnerable. Also, it is possible for such an event to get out of hand and too unstable to control (we’re talkin an event a thousand times more grand the LA riots of 92); as you may know, people have trouble finding their off-switches.

    • Yeah, 1 hour and 20 minutes is a little bit short for this awesome movie. But I guess if we put more, the movie will lose its focus. This movie wants to tell us the feeling of ordinary citizens when The Purge is commencing. It shows how mankind can be brutal when there is no law but there are also people who will still help each other.
      About the prison and insurance paper-work I think that’s the sacrifice they have to make to lower the crime rate to 1%.Let’s say the US is willing to allow a dent in one chaotic night for another prosperous 364 days and 12 hours. And for the risk of invasion, since the US economy has been boosted significantly because of the low crime rate, the US arguably have the best millitary and technology to ward other invasions. The movie only told us that all emergencies service will be suspended for the citizens. We can think that probably the military is out defending the country or you could say “Having their own brand kind of Purge”. And since the military are exempt for having The Purge, they are defending their country. I don’t know, I’m just arguing here by making plausible scenario, hehe. But, good talk!

  2. somehow this movie reminded me with pyscho pass. ( the purge and the sibyl system are kinda similar to each other ).

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