Anime Review: Log Horizon

54267lThis is one of the anime that I put on my watchlist this season. Log Horizon employs a similarity plot as Sword Art Online: Bunch of players were trapped in a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) called Elder Tales. Somehow the players couldn’t log out from the game and they have to cope with the predicament they are currently in. Our hero, Shiroe, is a level 90 Enchanter which is considered the maximum level a player could reach.  What I like about this anime is that it really employs crucial online Role Playing Game aspects so we could really feel how people who are trapped inside an online Role Playing Game experience. I’ve been watching the anime for 3 episodes but I can guarantee you that this review is really mild on spoilers. I would mainly discuss about the RPG aspects that is infused in this anime.

First of all, Shiroe is not your typical overly-handsome over-the-top character with overly-powerful damaging skill. Shiroe’s class is an enchanter, the weakest character in terms of power meter. Of course, he still is a badass since he is a level 90 enchanter. But, he uses his strategy when it comes to battling with other players. He is a kick-ass tactician and can utilize his comrades’ power to maximum output. This makes it very enjoyable to watch everytime Shiroe’s party encounters other Player Killers where Shiroe’s full strategy combat is commencing. It’s like watching Shikamaru’s brilliant tactical skill whenever he is fighting other enemies in Naruto.

Second thing that is fascinating about this anime is the environment itself. It’s an RPG where players can’t die. If you die, you will go back to the cathedral but of course you still feel the pain when you are injured and you will lose your items and equipment. This makes Log Horizon’s plot is really fully well-thought. I mean, if you know that people can’t really die when you kill them, don’t you want to just have a little fun ‘killing’ some annoying players who likes to troll you. And vice versa, that annoying players or trolls can as well have a fun for themselves by hunting other players to kill. You will always have a PK in every online game so Log Horizon has thought very well about that particular aspect.

Lastly, what makes this anime is worth to watch is the enemies and dungeons. The RPG elements are not complete without exploring sweet ass dungeons and battling enemies. And of course, thankfully the female characters are still beautiful and cute which I as a male is fond of. Yeah, call me sexist or whatever but cute and beautiful girls never is a mistake to put in an anime.



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