Random Video: Senam Yang Iya Iyalah

A hilarious video featuring the japanese comedy duo, CowCow, introducing somekind of a weird aerobic in Indonesian language. “Senam Yang Iya Iyalah” can be roughly translated as “It’s obvious!” aerobic. In Indonesian language “Iya iyalah!” or “Ya Iyalah!” is a slang term to response if a person makes a statement that is clearly obvious. It’s like if your friend says “The earth is round” which you will respond with “Ya Iyalah!” which means “Why of course it is!” but in a condescending way. Anyway, I provided the lyrics to the song for you non-Indonesian speaking readers who wants a glimpse of what this song is all about.

Indonesian Lyrics

Iya Iyalah Iya Iyalah
Senam yang iya iyalah
Kaki kanan ke depan
Kaki kiri ke depan
Bisa jalan!

Senam yang iya iyalah
Tekuk lutut dua duanya
Bisa duduk!
Senam yang iya iyalah

Angkat tangan ke depan
Beberapa kali lambaikan
Orang datang!
Senam yang iya iyalah

Orang yang datang
Wajahnya terlalu dekat
Senam yang iya iyalah

Bila main petak umpet
Tidak bersembunyi
Senam yang iya iyalah

Lalala lululu
Senam yang iya iyalah

Cubit iyalah sakit
jongkok iyalah rendah
Kentut iyalah bau
Duit kenapa nggak?

Iya iyalah Iya iyalah
Senam yang iya iyalah

English Translation

Why of course! Why of course!
It’s obvious aerobic
Right leg to the front
Left leg to the front
You can walk!

It’s obvious aerobic
Bend your both knee
You can sit!
It’s obvious aerobic

Rise your hand upwards
Wave it few times
A person will come!
It’s obvious aerobic

The person who came
His face is too close
So annoying!
It’s obvious aerobic

If you play hide and seek
You don’t hide
You’ll get found!
It’s obvious aerobic

Lalala Lululu
So fun!
It’s obvious aerobic

Pinching is obviously hurt
Ducking is obviously low
Farting is obviously smell
Money, why not?

Why of course! Why of course!
It’s obvious aerobic



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