Doujin Game: Maid Made Maze

めいどめいどめいずMaid Made Maze is a platformer/ beat em’ up Touhou based game  where the player controls Remillia Scarlet. In this game, player navigates through rooms which looks like a big giant maze. Each of the room you visit will require a certain objective to advance to the next room. Some are as simple as defeating all the enemy that comes after you, the others you have to defeat the main boss such as Hong Meiling or other Touhou characters. And also, sometime you will encounter a locked door which you will have an objective to unlock the door.

The control for this game is as follow: pressing the A button will show the map of the particular room that you are in; pressing the S button will pop up the menu; pressing the Z button will perform a regular attack which you can also hold this button to perform a rapid attack; pressing the X button will make Remillia jump; and pressing C button will perform a special move. Also, a little bit note on the special move is that Remillia has unique special moves depending on which state Remillia is in. If she is in the the air, tapping forward + C will make her do a hyper dash.

All in all, it’s a very fun game. The graphic is great which you might expect from a Touhou game. Although, the puzzle solving can be a little bit challenging from time to time.





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