Doujin Game: Touhou Pocket War Evolution Plus

Touhou-Pocket-War-EVO-Plus1_zpsdfd4d0a6Touhou Pocket War Evolution Plus is the complete edition of Touhou Pocket War featuring more Character Gatcha cards and spellcards. If you guys haven’t play this game yet then this is a card battle type game. It’s similar to the Yu-Gi-Oh card battle system. However, Touhou Pocket War Evolution Plus has a simpler rule.

First, you will have to obtain a character card. In the first level, you will probably only have a selection of Hakurei Reimu, Marisa Kirisame, Kochiya Sanae, Shameimaru Aya, or Sakuya Izayoi. Each character has a spellcard to do her attack with its own stats and has its own MP cost.

Now for the battle sequence, you can always go to the game center to compete your ranking and to increase your character level. The higher your rank are in the game center, the more it is possible to purchase another character card. If you are short of money, you could go to your part time job to earn some money. Anyhow, in the early battle sequence, you will choose four characters: 3 main characters, 1 assist character. Each character has their own assist technique such as healing your allies every turn or restore character SP everytime the character successfully dodge an attack. When the battle commence, you will have to place your main characters into its position. The positions are C, M, F and this is critical whether a character can successfully dodge an attack.

When it is time for your character to move, you have a selection of item, move, reset, charge, or select your spellcard to attack an enemy. Remember the C, M, F position? Every spellcard has it’s own percentage of how it is likely to land a successful attack. The spell card will have stats such as C 100% M 0% F 0% to indicate that the spellcard will successfully landed 100% on an enemy that is in the C position but 0% on an enemy that is in the M or F position. Every turn ends there is occasionally the buff/nerf round indicated by the bubble written in some letter. You can right click this to see what effect is the current turn on. High accuracy buff indicates that you should go aggressive but halve accuracy nerf indicate you should reset or charge. The other commands for this game is reset which will re-enable your spellcard to be used again (Spellcard can only be used once until the character decide to select reset on her turn). On the other hand, charge will restore your MP.

All in all, it’s a fun card game to enjoy if you are a Touhou fan.




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