On The Spotlight: Things To Do When You’re High

mascotWell, I’m not encouraging you guys to smoke weed but I’d like to share a website that I’m currently collaborating with. Things To Do When You’re High is another website which contains various random things that we deem worth sharing with which hopefully make you feel entertained. We divided our categories into things that are epic, funny, inspiring, or educational. So if you are in a taste for an exciting web portals containing these categories, Things To Do When You’re High is probably the right site for you.

And for you, stoners out there, you will probably find an interesting activity you can do when you are high. So, never lose any inspiration because Things To Do When You’re High will give you some interesting content to keep you inspired when you are huffing that joint of yours. Think you have an idea to share to the website? Please comment on the About section so we can read any suggestion or request you want to share with us.

Anyway, please do visit the site: http://whenyouhigh.wordpress.com/. Give us a comment about the site and how we can make things more interesting to you. New authors are always welcome if they want to contribute to the site. I hope you enjoy our site and entertained as always. Cheers!



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