Anime Review: Resident Evil Damnation

Resident-evil-DamnationYesterday I watched Resident Evil Damnation and it was a good watch. I don’t know if this movie has the same story plot as the game version since I didn’t play this part. If you want to know the main story of this movie, the setting of the story takes place in Eastern Slav Republic where this country is formerly a part of Uni Soviet but decided to turn its back against them to embrace Capitalism. This resulted in the country controlled by the Oligarchs and the gap between rich and poor become so big that the poor banned together as rebels or independence fighters.

So, where’s the Zombie aspect of this movie? Well, Svetlana Belikova, the acting President of Eastern Slav Republic broke the ceasefire with the rebels and this resulted the rebels in a desperate attempt to fight to use Zombies to aid them. The rebels have the technology of injecting themselves with a serum called the Plaga which makes a master/ slave relationship between humans and zombies.

If you are looking for a survival horror movie genre, then forget about this movie. I would call this movie an action horror because Leon just bossing the zombies around with guns and explosives. Nevertheless, I dig this movie. I could not say no to over the top zombies massacre and the addition of Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong really made me nerdgasm. You got the Ganados, Lickers, and Tryants which is pretty much inline with the Resident Evil series.

Watching this movie besides getting hyped over zombies massacre also gives a weird sympathy for the Lickers. You will understand what I meant by that when you watched the movie. I mean, Lickers, man, they are a bunch of misunderstood creatures and their self-sacrifice really touches me. I would also bluntly say that the key aspect of this movie is the Lickers.



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