This Just In: Pig Faces Blacked-Out in Malaysian Edition of New York Times

pink_pig_from_accel_world_by_enorapi-d4vilesThis morning, one of my friends (Malaysian in fact) shared me a hilarious news regarding his country. It turns out that in Malaysia, you can’t show any depiction of a pig faces. No, I’m not making this up, in the Malaysian edition of New York Times, there is an article about the growing demand of raising pigs outside the barn and the pig faces depicted in the newspaper has been censored (See link at the end of the article).

Now, let me be clear, this article does not insult all Malaysian people. You read it yourself, I got this news from a Malaysian friend of mine and he probably feels the same way about Islamic oppression from the radical groups that is happening in Malaysia.

On a lighter note, I would like to ask those who is in favor of censoring pictures of pigs “What is the matter with you?”. I didn’t know you can get aroused just by looking at pigs. I mean, that kind of censoring usually intended for an NSFW content that is not appropriate to be seen. I’m wondering if there were no censor, would people get a boner just by looking a pig’s face from a newspaper?

I mean, I know that a moslem is forbidden from eating pigs because it is unclean but I don’t recall them seeing a pig (a pig picture in fact) is considered forbidden. And that topic brings me to another topic why I hate a country that imposes a certain religion to their government system. It’s not that I care whether they censor a pig face over an article or not but the main point is it opens the possibility of an extensive oppression to minorities. If you haven’t followed the news, Malaysian government also banned the word “Allah” in other holy books except from Qur’an (Link for this news is available below). If Malaysians don’t oppose this kind of religion oppression that is currently also happening in Indonesia, then intolerance will spread because the radicals know that the government fears them which makes them do whatever they wish to incite intolerance and violence.



11 responses to “This Just In: Pig Faces Blacked-Out in Malaysian Edition of New York Times

  1. Pigs should have the right to privacy too!

    I recall reading an article about a goat being arrested in Nigeria because the locals believed it to be a shape-shifted criminal.

  2. Well, I’d say this:

    You’re right. Muslims are forbidden to eat pigs. But this IS NOT the reason for censoring the pig’s face. You know, here, in Malaysia, the internet really is a bad place, if you’re using it wrong of course. And most people in this world used it in the WRONG direction. They spread false rumors, framing the people they dislike, and so on. So, to avoid controversy with haters, the newspaper censored the pig’s face. Just in case if someone saw pigs in the morning newspapers, they will spread rumor. A rumor which the pigs are “Insults to us who doesn’t eat them,”. If this kind of controversy sparks, it WILL be chaotic. The newspaper company will be forced to shut down, everyone starts to band pigs, war between races, etc. Who wants that? We’re a multi-racial and multi-religion country. We have to play safe for everyone to stick together.

    And about the word “Allah” is being banded in other holy books. Well, “Allah” means “God”. But in Arabic. And, why would a Bible needs the word “Allah” when you already have Jesus Christ? Al-Quran is in Arabic. Even in Al-Quran, it does mentioned about Jesus Christ. But in a different name. Because Jesus Christ is not an Arabic name. And the Bible, too, doesn’t have any Arabic, does it?

    And you do know Malaysia is an Islamic country, right? We must follow the Islamic laws. And other religion will have to respect that. But, Muslims, too, have to respect the others.

    This is not religion oppression. But just logical. And we, the countrymen, agreed with it. Why would a foreigner be concern about us? If you do, thank you very much. But we’re good right here.

    This is my opinion AS A MALAYSIAN. No war intended.

    • Yes, why not stop at pigs, right? Why not censor women altogether. Next thing, you will be that Middle East country where woman can’t drive, women can’t turn on the air conditioner when they are alone, women can’t play swings at the park. You say that it is not religion oppression but clearly you are doing so by banning the word Allah for other religions. Do you even know what religion oppression means? If not, then let me give you the definition: It’s forcing one’s religion view in terms of morality, worldview, self-image, attitudes towards others, and overall personal identity. In conclusion, your country is doing religion oppression.
      “So, to avoid controversy with haters, the newspaper censored the pig’s face. Just in case if someone saw pigs in the morning newspapers, they will spread rumor. A rumor which the pigs are “Insults to us who doesn’t eat them,”.” How pathetic your logic is. So you succumb yourself to the haters by letting them oppress you? You are really afraid of them, aren’t you? I just don’t get it, so in conclusion, you lose to intolerant people and you are okay with sacrificing some of minorities just to make them happy and not cause riot. Looks like a country defeated by the demands of terrorists.
      I, as a foreigner, am concerned because I have a lot of Malaysian friends and they feel oppressed by your country’s system. Don’t say you guys are fine with them, when there clearly exists some kind of religion dictatorship going around.

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