Achievement Unlocked: Kuratas

art-Kuratas2-620x349I know I’m a little bit late on this but boy do technology could leap on such level. For you who haven’t updated to the latest technology news, be well aware that a universe where Metal Gear or Gundam could exists. Presenting the first man mountable robot, Kurutas, developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry resembles a lot like a Gundam.

You know what’s terrifying? You can purchase this for around 997,600 pounds and they even include a disturbing video manual for operating this beast. Well, I’m also feel fascinated at the technology development that I could only see in an anime. I mean, I really wanna try it out. The HUD is awesome and I feel like a freaking Gundam pilot if I can get to that awesome machine.

However, what’s with the smile shot feature? You smile or laugh so the Kuratas can shoot its weapon? Well, that would make a fucking terrifying scene when those mounted weapon will be filled with real bullets.



One response to “Achievement Unlocked: Kuratas

  1. I’m supposed to smile and laugh while shooting people into mincemeat? Well damn… talk about brainwashing.

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