Konnichiwa Minna-san: FenØl Inbound

What should i make as title? That’s bothering me a lot and in the end i decided to write what i’ve been rewatching today. it’s a japan tv program, tokyo encounter, eps 13 with shimono hiro (seiyuu) as the guest. When shimono-san explaining about himself, sugita said “you don’t need to said your name”, and nakamura-san  followed “they’ll put it up in subtitles or something.” well the program itself has ended already.

But something like that doesn’t happen here. so here i am~ I’m FenØL, a new author~ よろしくねえ~!!

I’m also an artist. i’m not too active on my DA, but i always upload my newest art on my pixiv~ and kazasou has make his request to me~ that is…

Here is chibi kazasou~~~!!!

kazasou fix

From now on i’ll always post my newest art here and other stuff too. Ah btw, if you want some commission art from me, please make your request~ please read it here for the detail~

俺わお前裏切らない!! -ore wa omae wo uragiranai- means that i’ll never betray your expectation (in art).




2 responses to “Konnichiwa Minna-san: FenØl Inbound

  1. Yes! I love it! My brand own anime character, haha! Thank you very much Fenol! You did a great work and I’m looking forward to more of your arts here in Randomness Thing. Welcome aboard! And I gotta go change my profile picture!

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