Anime Review: Yozakura Quartet

yozakuraquartetbyanimedI know I’m a little bit late on watching this anime but what can I say, I’m a slow anime watcher. I was trying to watch some random anime when Yozakura Quartet suddenly gets picked by me randomly (Well, we are Randomness Thing after all). I have watched 4 episodes and I have to say this is a very recommended anime to watch if you haven’t watched it already. I will try to elaborate my review with minimal spoiler so your enjoyment watching this anime won’t get deteriorated.

Yozakura Quartet takes place in the Sakurashin town, a town where youkai and humans coe-exist together. Sakurashin town is guarded by pillars to fend off evil youkai. However, strange incidents have come arise as many evil youkai possession occurs within the town. In that town, exist a human called Hiizumi Akina who is the town’s Youkai Life counselor. He partners up with Isone Kotoha, Ao Nanami, and Yarizakura Hime. The interesting thing is that Akina’s partners are all non-humans: Isone Kotoha is a Hanyou (Half youkai and half human) and she is a Kotodama user which her ability is to be able to conjure any object at will just by saying them; Ao Nanami is a Satori with the ability to read minds which makes her very dependable for tracking people; and Hime Yarizakura is a dragon incarnation who wields a lance for her defend.

This so called Yozakura Quartet needs to defend their town from evil youkai. Now, here’s where Hiizumi Akina plays an important role. Although, Akina is a human, his Hiizumi bloodline is the only bloodline that can perform tuning, a skill to send demon back to the other world. And I think this is one reason for liking this anime. You have an important protagonist role but he is not overpowered. Akina always relies on others to be protected and it seems they hold a special relationship with Akina.

I also like the concept of a human-youkai world. The anime, I think did a good job of portraying how the city runs. Hime Yarizakura, for example, came from the Yarizakura family which for years have been a mayor of the city. It’s her duty to protect the city and she is always determined to do her job for the people. I also like her strong-willed character and discipline. She’s a straight-forward person but in the same time maintain an ice cold facade since she has to be looked tough for the people to trust her.

And the last thing I love about this anime is the amount of comedy it serves. I have to say that there are some moe moe moments and hilarious moments that you can appreciate from this anime. This is a very recommendable anime to watch if you are looking for some action with light comedy and moe scenes in it.



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