A Minute to Mourn: Kelud’s Eruption

gunung-keludIt’s been a sad day yesterday for Indonesia. Kelud volcano erupts and it’s the second volcanic eruption that happens in Indonesia after Sinabung this year. It’s very sad man, I mean after we have to deal with the floods in Jakarta, Bandung, and nearby area, we are hit hard with another disaster of volcano eruption. I just think Indonesia has been faced with so many disasters since then starting from the tsunami that hit Aceh; Merapi eruption in Yogyakarta; even to the corruption incidents that have been often appears on the news.

But I believe in the spirit of my countrymen. We sure have had hardship since the Dutch invaded us for 250 years and yet we persevered. We become an independent nation although it’s not perfect. We have experienced our darkest days when tyranny and dictatorship commenced in Indonesia. However, we toppled the corrupt government. We become a nation of democracy although it’s not a perfect democracy.

But still, we persevered. The patriotism of Indonesians are at its crisis and maybe this is the time we forget about who is right and who is wrong. Indonesia is in a chaotic condition, be it from mother nature or the country’s democracy system. Wait, somehow I ended up talking about patriotism. However, the message is “Be brave my friends. Indonesia will get better. I believe so.”



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