Doujin Game: Shingeki no Kyojin

AttackOnTitanmanga_animeYou guys probably have played this game before but if you haven’t then I may have a good recommendation for trying out a Shingeki no Kyojin game. Precision is the key in this game, just like the anime, you have to nape the back neck of the titans in order to kill them. You are also equipped with a 3D maneuver gear to maneuver your way out of harms way or do a beautiful kill move. I must say this game is addicting because of the existence of the 3D maneuver gear. The control is very fluent and you can practically do anything with it.

You can select various characters in the game and each of them has a special ability that makes killing a titan more fun. You only have 1 life and one attack from a titan if not managed well will end up in you being killed. That’s why it is so satisfying to kill a titan especially the abnormal ones.

There are also various game mode you can try out but I think the most entertaining one is to play against Colossal Titan where teamwork is required. Oh, and speaking of teamwork, this game has a LAN capability (Yeaaaaaay!) so playing this with your buddies offer a special kind of fun. Making Strategy with friends in this game feels really like you are in a Shingeki no Kyojin world. Anyway, you can click the link below to try the game yourself.

Browser game:

Standalone download:



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