If I Never AMV

Okay I think I made a decision to watch Ano Hana after watching this AMV. I could careless about the spoilers in this AMV, I’m gonna watch the whole thing anf get back to you with my review. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome AMV.



4 responses to “If I Never AMV

  1. Kazasou you are missing out on this anime. It was the greatest anime of its year. Hope you find it as beautiful as I did. Enjoy it and always remember Menma. The “secret base” song is unforgettable. Falling Tears is absolutely normal for this anime.

    • Thanks for the information there. Yes, I think I did miss some potentially great anime. I’m not the type who watch this kind of anime at that time but I guess, the older I am, the more I am conformed with it now. Yes, you have my words, I will watch this anime, definitely.

  2. Man, you’re missing something really nice there! Hurry up and watch it! It definitely worth your time. :)

    • On the 2nd episode right now. So far, I really love the story concept. Will continue on, thank you for the information on this great anime guys! I know I can count on you!

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