Anime Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders

86de39072e28bfb07918bad5c6117ef31384824211_fullI’ve been waiting for this series to come out and I never expected I could witness this happen during my lifetime. Shout out to Kaimax for informing this awesome series that I immediately proceeded to watch my all-time favourite chilhood memories. I have watched two episodes of Jojo Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders so if you don’t mind me letting out a little bit spoiler for you, then continue on reading. I did my best to only spoil the big background story behind the Stardust Crusaders.

So, Stardust Crusaders is the third arc story revolving around Jotaro Kujo or is referred by his popular nickname, Jojo. The Stardust Crusaders probably is the most memorable for me since I played the fighting game during my childhood time. Jojo is the perfect definition of badass. He’s a delinquent and often involved in a fight with other delinquents. I have to say the anime series did a top notch in preserving the graphical depiction of Jojo and his attitude is just spot on. He’s a tough tug but don’t get him wrong, he despises evil and will do everything he can to eradicate it. What makes Jojo so cool is that he is not your stereotypical  protagonist who always spout “I’m the friend of justice”. He’s a tug! He acts tough but as well has a sense of justice. That’s why he’s so awesome, haha.

Another thing that makes this particular Jojo arc interesting is the introduction of a stand. A stand is like an avatar or in technical terms: the manifestation of one’s fighting spirit. It’s like the Persona series where each character can summon his/ her persona so if you are a fan of Persona, this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series would be entertaining to you.

Now, every character has different kind of stand. Jojo’s stand, for example, is named Star Platinum and his ability is immense strength. It uses close quarter combat which really suits Jojo’s fighting style so much. For hardcore Jojo fans, I know you guys get hyped whenever Star Platinum unleashes it’s punch fury while shouting “Ura ura ura ura ura…”. Heck, everytime I play the game, I often shout in sync with Star Platinum voice.

The last thing that makes me sure to keep watching this anime is the over-the-top acting. The lines are very corny, so corny that it is good. It preserves the classic 90’s anime style which resembles what the fighting game would be. So yes, I give this anime a full recommendation to be watched.



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