Movie Review: The Lego Movie

The_Lego_Movie_posterLast night, my roomates and I watched The Lego Movie and to our amazement this is really a brilliant and entertaining movie to watch. I really recommend this movie to be put on your must watch list if you want some full Lego actions to watch. Now, this review probably will contain a few spoilers but I promise I would limit it to only reveal the background story of this movie.

Now, to start off the review let’s talk about graphics. Since it is an animation, The Lego Movie has a really stunning graphics. I could probably relate any resentment that this movie sometime have a bit of a stop motion-ish feeling in some of the scene but truthfully it doesn’t bother me at all. The Lego world is absolutely stunning and beautiful and probably you also be overwhelmed by nostalgic feelings of your childhood’s days playing with legos. In this film, you will experience the adventure of different Lego worlds such as one of my favourites, Cloud Cuckoo.

Still in relation to graphics, the action scenes are superb. It’s chaotic and it’s breathtaking. But let’s track back to why this movie has great action scenes. So, the story is about our main protagonist, Emmet, who is a normal construction worker living off a normal life… or is he? Well, the thing that Emmet doesn’t know that there is a villain called President Business  trying to make The Lego World in his rule. President Business dislikes anything that is not consistent or “neat”. He think that the world should follow certain rules and all lego citizens to abide by it.

Of course, this attitude brings forth some resistance groups which demands all Legos should be able to express their creativity. This groups are consists of Master Builders which has the vision to create anything in an instant. This is where the action scenes get very exciting. You have a story about the government trying to hunt down these resistance group which the ability to construct any vehicle, weapon, or equipment to fight off the governments. You know, the master builders reminds me off the characters in Fullmetal Alchemist. Everyone has their own designs when it comes to constructing things. And also, it’s really fun to watch master builders combine their skills making a completely crazy structures.

I have to also commend the voice acting on this one. I mean, look at the line up: Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and Will Ferrell. You can’t go wrong when Morgan Freeman is playing the blind wizard. Who knew he can deliver such hilarious lines that makes me laugh my ass off and that’s why The Lego Movie is such a great movie. The comedy is spot on and hilariously fun. Many tears of laughter are shed on this movie and it’s a very well around movie. You get the feeling of excitement of the action scenes, nostalgic of the Lego references and Lego characters, and laughter of having a good comedy.



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