Film Review: Comic 8

20140130_193403_film-comic-8Well, this film is not an international film but rather an Indonesian film so I have no clue if an English version is available in this film. But maybe, you can find an unofficial English subtitle somewhere on the internet. Comic 8 is a comedy film entailing the life of 8 crooks attempting to rob the Indonesisch Nederlande Incorporated (INI) bank. Before I can go any further with the review, if you guys really hate any kind of spoiler to a film, I suggest you to stop reading this review before you regret it. However, if you tolerate some mild spoilers as long as it doesn’t disrupt the main story, then please do continue on reading.

Right, so the poster is kinda badass with all the guns and shit but that is because it’s not just an ordinary comedy but also has the element of action. I mean, you can’t have a story of people robbing banks without heavy assault weapons, right? So anyway, these 8 crooks are actually divided into 3 groups: the amateurs, the savages, and the weirds. All these groups have their own back story of why they want to rob a bank and I guess that is your role to find out in this film. And the thing is, all these groups decided to rob the bank at the same day. Hilarious scenes ensue as they struggle to cooperate with each other to achieve their ultimate goals.

Now, what makes it great about this film is of course the story plot. I seldom see an Indonesian comedy film which has a solid storyline and keeping me baffled while amazed at the same time. The action scenes are very cool although it could use a better editing for example they use a cheap CG for explosions prolly because the budget restriction of making of this film. However, that is still forgivable since it is a comedy film and that drawback is covered with the presence of a good storyline. I gotta admit there were acting flaws in the film but most of the actors did a great job in delivering their acting roles in this film.

Additionally, I’m amazed by how the film uses a minimum amount of slapstick jokes and focuses on the talents that these standup comedian actors can provide (Yes, the robbers are played by the stand up comedy Indonesia finalists). So in the end, this film provides a serious main plot while occasionally throws silly blunder scenes that will surely make your stomach hurt of laughter. You can say that this film is inspired by Ocean 11 but of course, with a certain comedic twists.



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