Anime Review: Akame Ga Kill

ac956b631fac56899697da9e9b9947fe1390234228_fullIt’s a little bit late but hey, what can I do? I was busy finishing my master thesis and now that thing is already out of the way, time to catch up on the new season’s anime. Akame Ga Kill is definitely the anime to watch this season according to my opinion. Now, for all of you who haven’t watched the anime yet, this review only contains spoilers only from the first episode as well as the major background of the story. So if you are okay with that, then you can continue on reading.

Sets in a somekind of a medieval age while at the same time you got these cute cafes and stores running in the town, a young country boy named Tatsumi is determined to make it big in the imperial capital as one of the army member in that town. However, what Tatsumi doesn’t know is the imperial capital is a nest of corrupted people that is slowly eating the townspeople alive.

When Tatsumi reached the imperial capital, he met with a girl that claims that she can help him to join the military for a sum amount of money. Being a naive country bumpkin, Tatsumi innocently accepts the offer just to be later on realized that he has been swindled. Being left with no money, he is forced to spend the night nearby the town’s bridge. Suddenly, a noble lady riding a carriage stopped and offer Tatsumi a place to sleep. Tatsumi refuses at first due to the initial experience he had earlier but decided to accept her offer anyway. Tatsumi learns the name of the lady to be Aria.

Back in Aria’s palace, Tatsumi is treated well and the family offers him that they will talk to an acquaintance that can help him to enter the military. Also, they offer to request a search warrant to find Tatsumi’s friends, Sayo and Ieyasu, who got separated due to bandit attack.

Next day, Tatsumi learns the existence of Night Raid, an assassin group that is running amok in the town killing officials and government members. Not too long after he learns about Night Raid, Aria’s palace suddenly is raided during the night. Showing no mercy, the Night Raid kills the guards and the members of the family, leaving Aria who is on the run from the Night Raid. In this scene, we get to know one of the badass members from Night Raid, Akame. Akame has probably skyrocketed herself to be my most favourite female character in an anime due to her kuudere personality and her cool black and red outfit. Btw, she wears a sleeveless seifuku and red tie while wielding a katana so I guess that alone makes her a very cool character.

Long story short, Tatsumi determines to protect Aria and ask Akame why the Night Raid also targeted an innocent family such as Aria. Battle commenced between Akame and Tatsumi but then is quickly halted by one of the Night Raid’s member named Leone who is the one that swindled Tatsumi the other day. Responding to Tatsumi’s cry for reason, Leone’s shows the dark secrets of Aria’s family where they love to disguise as good samaritan to only then torture them to death later on. They even go as far as to kill Sayo and Ieyasu, Tatsumi’s friends. Filled with vengeance, Tatsumi without hesitation slashes Aria to death.

So, there you go, guys. Initially, I wasn’t expecting this kind of twist from Akame ga Kill. I mean, I know the story is about a group of people trying to stop corrupted people from wreaking havoc the town but if you see the artwork, you wouldn’t expect it to be so much gore and blood. And that folks is a good thing, because Higurashi no naku no koro ni and Umineko no naku no koro ni adopt the same style and I love it. I’m all in for a story of killing mercilessly the bad and corrupt people. My country needs this kind of group, hahaha.



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