Film Review: Guardians of The Galaxy

GuardiansoftheGalaxyYesterday was a fun cinema day for me because I watched Guardians of The Galaxy. For your information, when I first watched the trailer of this movie, I’m interested just because Rocket Raccoon was there. But, I could say that Guardians of The Galaxy provides a balanced characters’ story as well as a good storyline for the audience to appreciate it. I do have to warn you that this review will contain back story to the film so if you hate any spoiler, you might want to stop reading this review.

Guardians of The Galaxy starts off with the life of Peter Quill who is abducted by an alien after a tragic lose of her mother. 26 years later, Peter Quill become somewhat of a tomb raider, searching for artifacts to be later on sold to the highest bidder. Now, I would call this the key feature of a great movie. So, Peter Quill turns out raiding a place that holds the infinity stone, a gem that can destroy an entire planet. While Gamora on the other hand, has a secret plan to get the infinity stone and betray Ronan The Accuser. Getting back to Peter Quill, being a greedy man he tried to betray his Ravagers community, a tomb raider group which has members such as Quill, by holding the infinity stone for himself.

The Ravagers who are pissed because of Quill’s action announces a bounty of 40,000 units. This, of course, attracts Rocket Racoon, a genetically modified racoon who is savvy with arsenal of weapons, and his friend Groot, a humanoid tree-like organism who can manipulate his body by growing his branch. Now, that four different interests makes them somewhat involuntary friends since they got incarcerated by the Nova Core. Don’t forget, you got Drax who wants to kill Ronan The Accuser for killing his family and the only lead that will lead to Ronan is Gamora.

Overall, I guess Guardians of The Galaxy tops the Marvel-based movies that are out there. The graphic is stunning and I have to say Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the star of the show since they were hilarious and badass in the same time. You could say, this is what Marvel movies should be. I recommend watching it.



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