Beat of The Day: Memoirs by Ramses B

Tonight, I’m feeling a little bit down. I’ve been thinking a lot about myself and how I could be insensitive at times. I really hate the old me and that’s why when someone I care about gave me the opinion that I’m insensitive, I tend to worry very much and ended up can’t sleep. This song, however, calms me down as I can just immerse into the deep void of my own empty space. I just hope that everything is gonna be okay in the end. Anyway, onto my own journey of deep thinking tonight.




2 responses to “Beat of The Day: Memoirs by Ramses B

  1. Keep your spirits high. You do an awesome job here, and I bet that in everything you do, so don’t beat up yourself just couse you’re a human with flows, we’re all are. A wish to be better makes you better as long as you dont get lost on a goal in the way of achieving it.. a smile is all the wold needs, to be a better place, think about that while you’re lost in your deep thoughts and .. blue butterflies, that always brings me back to peace.

    • That’s somewhat profound :) Thank you for the encouraging words. Damn, I do appreciate all the readers that come by to our blog. I feel like you are a family to me. Thank you so much for the support. Today, the problem has been resolved :) I humbly thank you for spending your precious minute in addressing my issue. You have my utmost respect :)

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