Wallpaper of The Week: Ene

An alternative look of Ene from Kagerou Project or Mekakucity Actors will be my selection for this week’s wallpaper. I love her blue hair but this darker hair also really is good on her. I think I’m gonna have fun with my desktop wallpaper for this week’s onward.

Konachan.com - 192299 blood brown_hair ene_(kagerou_project) headphones kagerou_project marumoru mask red_eyes short_hair twintails



2 responses to “Wallpaper of The Week: Ene

  1. SPOILERS (maybe)

    Just gonna slip in and say its Takane, not Ene.
    (Okay so they may be the same person, but let’s not confuse Takane with her digital alter ego)

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