Wallpaper of The Week: Kantai Collection 6

I feel like my time in spending this blog has become a very exhausting one with work getting in the way. It’s a rather sad situation because I love writing in this blog so much with you guys reading it so loyally over the past years. I will still try to make my time in this blog but probably it will be greatly reduced just like what you are seeing now. So, here’s your usual Wallpaper of The Week featuring the Kantai Collection enemies vessels: Midway Hime, Seaport Hime, & Aircraft Carrier Hime.

Konachan.com - 201875 aircraft_carrier_oni breasts horns jpeg_artifacts kantai_collection long_hair midway_hime navel red_eyes seaport_hime white_hair



One response to “Wallpaper of The Week: Kantai Collection 6

  1. It’s a pity to hear it. But work is also important. Good luck! All true fans of the randomnessthing will stay with you and the site!

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