AMV – Let’s Play Ball

Hello again everyone, Silver here.

This morning I was looking around YouTube and found this well made AMV by 你看见我的id了 (9137MX).

Personally I like the visuals and the music fits it pretty well too, i couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you, Hope you enjoy!


3 responses to “AMV – Let’s Play Ball

    • Thank you for drawing my attention to this, I have personally encountered problems like this on youtube before.
      where a video is uploaded but not by the original author.

      Looking into it I’ve found that the original creator of the video, 你看见我的id了 (9137MX), appears to have been a recent addition to the members of the AnimeUnity Team.
      They have given him credit for it looking into the description, however, it appears that 你看见我的id了 (9137MX) doesn’t have a youtube channel, hence why there is no “original” on youtube.

      I am a new addition to the Randomness Thing Team myself and I will do my best to be more careful in the future with giving credit, you will find that the post has been modified to address this.

      • Anime Unity just takes other peoples videos and reuploads them, 9137MX is NOT a member of anything relating to that channel. There is no such thing as an Anime Unity team!

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