Wallpaper of The Week: Valkyrie

Gosh, how has it been since my last update on this site? You know, being a working adult has been really a tedious job and sometime I miss the moment I still put some stuff on this website that I love. That being said, here’s a nice Puzzle & Dragon wallpaper featuring Valkyrie. Enjoy!

Konachan.com - 204887 aircraft aka_(mazeka) armor city dark long_hair polychromatic puzzle_&_dragons red_eyes ribbons scenic thighhighs valkyrie_(p&d) white_hair wings



One response to “Wallpaper of The Week: Valkyrie

  1. Hey bro, Exilo here.
    Yea, I feel you there. Life’s also been really hectic for me ever since I went into university as well, and it’s only been going downhill since the start of my second year. It ain’t easy to balance between school, clubs, and life all at once, so sometimes you gotta make the best of it. :/

    With that being said, I’m also glad that everyone is still trying hard to maintain this awesome blog. I sometimes wish that I could pop in from time to time, but things ain’t the same since 4 years ago, you know?

    Ah, well, at least I took some time right now to say hi (actually I’m just killing time waiting for my laundry to finish – campus residence problems :P)

    So yea, hi everyone. Oh, and awesome wallpaper you’ve got there :)

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