Beat of the Day: A Salty Stick

Sorry it’s been a while everyone, recently my PC’s Hard Drive died, since i’ve lost everything anyway, I’m in the process of building a new Computer, so until then my posts will most likely be irregular and infrequent, I’ll let everyone know when I’ve got my new PC Built and Running, until then I hope you all enjoy the days ahead. – SilverKrios

I’ve been keeping tabs on videos that Baka Oppai makes, and since I haven’t been able to check other sites often, I just couldn’t help myself, I do enjoy his videos quite a bit.

So Thank you Baka Oppai for this AMV style video to Shawn Wasabi’s “Marble Soda” That is the “Beat of the day” for today (For links to the songs in this video check this video’s description on Youtube)

So I hope you all enjoy, and if you think it’s worth it, why not check out his other videos? Have a lovely day everyone, see you all in the next post.


3 responses to “Beat of the Day: A Salty Stick

    • Well, I did say that “I lost everything”
      but what I really meant by that was that my laptop (which was my PC before)
      was a compact type, this means that if some main component (such as HDD, CPU, etc) breaks down then the whole thing has to be replaced as the entire base unit of the laptop is all one piece, held together and in-place by a framework of plastic covers and then on top of that the case itself. (so unless u broke off the plastic holding the components in place, I can’t even see the HDD connectors let alone where it is connected.)

      As a result i thought instead of replacing the laptop with one of the same model (which I have done previously, I thought that it might be time to build an actual PC.)
      Thanks Everyone for understanding, and I hope to be posting regularly again soon.

  1. Well that kinda sucks to have no parts you could salvage from the laptop if most of its integrated.

    Most of the market for decent performance components should be relatively cheap for performance if you look up to 2010 and from then on. Only thing you really need to invest is the SSD for the OS and possibly a GPU and RAM. Likewise, it really depends on what you need to do ;)

    Well good luck with you Desktop build Silver o/

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