Weapon Wielding Girl Wallpaper Pack 16

New wallpaper pack for you guys and this time I have personally selected some badass girls wielding various kind of weapons. Be it guns, swords, or even magic wands, girls with weapon just make your desktop wallpaper looking so elegant.

Zipped File Download – https://files.secureserver.net/0sg8VYV9OppTIy



One response to “Weapon Wielding Girl Wallpaper Pack 16

  1. Hay! What’s up? Sooo i wanted to give you a few suggestions if mine (well i somehow have my doubts that I will ever get an answer for this but I’ll do it anyway!) Soooo the Suggestions are:

    1. @ First RWBY (Yeah that’s the name of the Animated Serie) Which Characters you ask? Well since you only make Girl Wallpapers I would say the female Team Members of Team RWBY (Ruby) and Team JNPR (Juniper) these would be: 1. Ruby Rose 2. Weiss Schnee 3. Blake Belladonna 4. Yang Xiao Long 5. Pyrrha Nikos and 6. Nora Valkyrie

    2. @ second Trails in the Sky! The females i would recommend from there would be: 1. Estelle Bright 2. Female Joshua Bright (Yeah you DID read right! In an School Theatre he had to dress like a princess and since you guys did female Kirito i thought “Why the hell not?!”) 3. Tita Russell 4. Sherazard Harvey 5. Klose Rinz 6. Josette Capua 7. Julia Schwartz 8. Anelace Elfead 8. Renne (especially Estelle, Tita, Josette and Anelace!)

    3. @nd @ third BlazBlue There I only care about Makoto Nanaya, Bullet and Mai Natsume

    4. @ fourth I have something . . . ähh . . . well . . . special . . . well they are from an official Web Comic after all so i guess it could somehow work . . . I hope . . . some Characters from Wolfenstahl like Ferrania, Chiira and Minori all of them are Demigoddesses with Wolf/Cheetah ears and Tail pretty neat i would say! XP

    And last but not least some Characters from “Chain Chronicles” there are just too much cute/cool/beautiful Girls to actually choose less than 15 soo find out by yourself = P

    OK pretty please please read this message and grant me some if my suggested Wishes ok? >.<

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