Beat of The Day: Bahas Bahasa by Barasuara

It’s rare that I shared an Indonesian band since not many of them tend to my taste. However, Barasuara’s Bahas Bahasa gets me riled up. First, the Japanese themed in this song sounds like that of Naruto themed and it really kicked ass. Second, the lyric is about be careful about what you are saying to other people and have empathy to each other. A refreshing Indonesian song theme that usually have on ‘love’.



5 responses to “Beat of The Day: Bahas Bahasa by Barasuara

  1. I don’t normally listen to music from Indonesia, but that was pretty awesome. At first I thought it was music from the Philippines because their languages sound so similar.

    • Well, tagalog and bahasa Indonesia have a lot of common words such as Akó, Manggá, Mangkók, Payong, etc. So, I get it why you say that our language is similar to Tagalog.

  2. I dont think Philipines and Indonesia Language was that similar though, well if you used to listen asian dialect you will see the different in an instan. Its like when you hearing Japanese and Chinese Language, its sound near the same but very different if your ear used for asian dialect

    And if you like Reggae and refreshing song, I might suggest Ras Muhammad song, its Indonesian Song too

  3. whoa.. such a good face for randomnessthing blog.. just see the blog on my laptop now.. it is now really like I am into somewhere planet called so random.
    I love it much more than before..
    Keep it up! happy to see it. :)

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