Windows 7 Theme : Masou Gakuen HxH

Yahallo ,
It’s kinda rare me to make two windows 7 theme in a week. Well , i’m kinda rushed to make this theme. How come ? After watch first episode, i think this is best ecchi anime in this season and i’m put a lot ero effort to make this one and lucky almost a lot of ero images material who founded in danbooru supported to this theme. Anyway As usual best ecchi anime every season have a lot of issue , A lot people in social media making fun the one who watched thats anime . At the first,i’m kinda irritated (since i’m a fans of ecchi anime ) and grow tired about that then decide “leave them be, i’m better do some productive activities”. Well , everyone have their taste about stuff ,you shouldn’t force your interested to others (it’s kinda annoying) and don’t judge people by their interested . Everyone have a good side and dark side .
See you next time

Edit : Link Fixed



start up

Start Up





Name: Masou Gakuen HxH

File Size: 7 mb

Color Theme: Dark Blue

Password :



  1. Installation and usage of this theme can be observed on the Windows 7 section.
  2. Read license issue in here before you share my work in your site

6 responses to “Windows 7 Theme : Masou Gakuen HxH

    • I guess your lewdness still far from enough to bear watch this kind of series XD The one who look promising in this seasons is Tales of Zestiria the X,Days ,Taboo Tattoo and D.Gray-man Hallow though

      • The ones I’m really looking forward to are tales of zesteria the x, cause I’ve played and finished the game on PC and D.Gray man hallow for the sake of nostalgia… Taboo taboo on the other hand,I’ve read the manga and dropped it halfway and let’s just say that the childhood friend doesn’t last long while the main character goes on a kira spree(haha,kira spree cause he loses it after that >.>)

      • I’m not played thats game ,but well the graphics is so awesome in eps .0 . That’s really made me expecting awesome anime.
        Who kira spree again ? Why such a cute girl have a cruel route?-_-

    • You should pray , me using windows 10 lol Well, i’m not using windows 10 ,my OS is windows 7 and not planning to change though. Don’t expecting too much.

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